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There are many legends of the creation of the Multiverse; Anvils of Creation, Mystical Words, toiling for a week, or so, dividing up a deity's innards after committing deicide having been licked from the rime by a magica...

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How to prepare

Familiarize yourself with your character and their abilities.

What I provide

Roll20 does all the things.

What else should you know

I have a tendency to allow players to really do whatever they want and Warlocks & Wormholes (in the other systems in which it's been played) has been all about it. That is not to say that antagonistic plots won't continue if the players walk away from them, it just means that the results will be inconvenient, never outright bad.

Gameplay Details

Players bring their own 1st level Starfinder characters created from resources provided. Starfinder uses general d20 rules with some variations.

How Will Character Creation Work

Players will be encouraged to create characters. There will be a series of resources available through a shared link along with posted character guidelines. A group chat will be established prior to the game to allow

Players can expect







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