Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay | Warhammer 4th Edition: For those brave enough to go against the horrors of Chaos.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay on Roll20, Discord

This game is set up for those who are new to Warhammer Fantasy RP 4th edition or veterans. I Run a heavy sandbox style game with RP implemented. The game itself is low fantasy with the occasional element of high fantasy...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Be ready to have a character in a Grim and Perilous world setting where life is hard. Warhammer is a Low Magic setting initially but has potential to get very crazy rather quickly.

What I provide

Roll 20 and discord improv and story telling.

What else should you know

Be prepared for a game that is not "Instant Win" and more simulation. The world is a living breathing place that has been around for countless eons. The world is hard but the people here are tough, at least they try.

Gameplay Details

The WFRP 4th edition system is percentile based system where you roll under your stats, the lower the better. The outcome is processed as "SL's" or Success Levels which in turn show the degree of the action. This is derived from the 'tens' position of your roll compared to the 'tens' position of your statistic. For example: if you have a Strength of 45 and you have to lift a friend up that fell over a cliff side, then you would need to roll percentile dice and roll under your statistic. Lets say you get a 36 out of 45 then you would have One degree of success resulting in you barely lifting your friend up to safety. However their are other factors in play which are called "Conditional Modifiers" that can alter the degree of difficulty either good or bad.

How Will Character Creation Work

We will make characters on roll20 while voice and text will be through discord. All rolling will be done via roll20 even character creation...NO pre-mades.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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