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We are set in the city of Vasselheim, roughly 100 years after 'The Betrayal' has ended and the Betrayer Gods have been destroyed or contained. Vasselheim is the first true city and bastion of civilization. It has been ex...

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How to prepare

-Discord account (browser version or application will work) -Microphone and/or webcam -Preferably a PC or laptop instead of phone for better quality -Character made on dnd beyond

What I provide

I use a dual camera system along with full 3D battle maps for maximum battle immersion and ease of use for players. I also use a music bot in discord for full audio immersion as well!

What else should you know

Let's have some fun!

Gameplay Details

Mostly exploring the Vesper Timberlands and slaying interesting monsters! You accept your contract, get your standard hunting gear from camp, and head out into the wild to find your target to kill, capture, or study.

How Will Character Creation Work

You will need to make a character before the session on! I have access to the Player's Handbook and Xanathar's Guide to Everything currently. Player level and other specifics will be determined on a session-to-session basis and I will let you know when you sign up. It's free and easy to use! I can help you with any questions you may have.

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