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Vaesen is a chilling Nordic Horror Roleplaying Game from Free League publishing (Alien, Twilight:2000). Set in the "mythic north" in the nineteenth century, Vaesen births a world where all of the eerie myths from Nordic ...

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How to prepare

There is no experience required for this game. This is a brand new TTRPG, we will all be "new" to the game! If you are interested Dave Thaumavore on Youtube has an excellent overview that doesn't spoil any major "plot points" of the game, but will give you an insight on how the mechanics and characters work! Check it out here: I use Roll20 for VTT, Discord for audio, and SyrinScape for the soundscapes. Prior to playing you will receive a message with a link to my Google Drive folder with resources and instructions for game play to make everything super simple :D

What I provide

The digital maps, the story, an immersive ambience via SyrinScape, and of course the villains.

What else should you know

This game is strictly 18+, no exceptions. I require my players for horror games to fill out an RPG consent form (created by Monte Cook Games), you will receive this PDF via the Google Drive.

Gameplay Details

Vaesen is a D6 based horror role-playing game that thrives on investigations of mysteries and bumps in the dark. Vaesen’s rules are based on the award-winning Year Zero Engine that was used for Alien RPG, Tales From the Loop, and more. The core mechanic of a “skill check” is straightforward: grab a number of dice for your attribute score, skill level, and gear, and roll them all together. You need at least one six to succeed, and extra sixes can give you stunts and other bonus effects.

How Will Character Creation Work

For one shots or mysteries (1-3 sessions), players will be provided with pre-generated characters. For a full campaign, we will make your characters together as part of a "session zero." Your session zero will be your first booked session with me and it will be 50% off list price! We will focus on character creation, character backgrounds, your questions, and game play mechanics.

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