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There are evil forces growing stronger in the shadows, the cult of the dragon has become active again after years of silence! you must investigate rumors of a hoard that is being collected to "usher in the reign of the q...

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How to prepare

Roll20 and Dischord accounts are required (free version)

What I provide

Roll20 assets and digital copies of required materials

What else should you know

Patience will be required in case of technical difficulties with network/hardware/software issues from any participant.

Gameplay Details

Sessions will be well balanced for combat and roleplaying opportunities, adapting to accommodate the party's preference. You can expect at least one combat encounter per session, and up to 3-4 encounters on combat-heavy parts of the campaign. Combat tactics and party roleplaying are encouraged for this campaign and will yield the best results. This game will rely on official D&D sources (no-homebrew) with exception for Unearthed Arcana material.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation can be scheduled beforehand or you can bring characters already made.

Players can expect







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