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Super fun and comedic game style, open to players of all walks, it will be high fantasy with a modern twist. You must band together and use your wits to make a name for yourselves in the city of Beriville. The city is p...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Need to make your own character, be creative! Also make a minion or small set of minions for your evil doer! ( they are merely flavor and story accessories) Also we will be using cams and mics so please have those as well

What I provide

I will bring my fine self and the game in my head

What else should you know

Be ready to raise money for a good cause! And don't take this game super seriously its gonna be all over the place

Gameplay Details

Lots of roleplay and some combat sprinkled in

How Will Character Creation Work

Lvl 5 any class any race

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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