Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Two Crowns: The First Trial

Dungeons & Dragons 5e, Homebrew Game on Zoom

Choose to begin your next High Fantasy adventure in the Dungeons and Dragons setting of Impiltur, a powerful northern kingdom of Faerûn within the Forgotten Realms. The First Trial Campaign consists of a session zero an...

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How to prepare

Players should be familiar with basic rules of D&D 5e, but GM will have the final say and can explain most rules as they come up. Need to have access to internet, Zoom, microphone, dice or digital dice, free D&D Beyond account.

What I provide

Theater of the Mind, Descriptions, NPC's, Maps, etc.

What else should you know

We play all sessions online using Zoom and using Theater of the Mind No swearing or blasphemy allowed (3 strikes and you are out of the session without a refund due to character demise) We maintain a rated PG environment No evil player characters/no extreme, violent or vile actions We expect all players to have and use a webcam throughout each session We record all sessions using Zoom and may choose to make the first session of each campaign available for free viewing on our website We may opt to make sessions 2 and up of any given campaign available only to paid subscribers, with each player earning a 10% cut of any profits. We expect all players to exhibit good listening and turn-taking skills. We expect commitment to the campaign and to the group (Mutual Respect, Good Participation, On-time Attendance, Good Role-playing, Good Teamwork) We expect all players to maintain family, learning & work responsibilities, including good life balance & personal health habits and this may impact game play

Gameplay Details

Perfect D&D 5e High Fantasy homebrew campaign for beginners as well as experts. Game sessions are 2.5 hours long, focused on 10% problem-solving, 10% setting description and travel, 35% role-playing, 35% action, and 10% random fun. Players will create a perfect team of level 5 characters during our session 0 using D&D Beyond free character creation tools. Come face the First Test of what may become years of adventure! This is a School of the Mind Level One Campaign, meaning it is focused on teaching players how to communicate professionally, work together, collaborate and co-create solutions to problems effectively. Players must be willing to work together both in and out of game to establish better life balance in at atmosphere of mutual respect and support. No swearing or blasphemy are allowed; must be willing to maintain a respectful, rated-PG atmosphere.

How Will Character Creation Work

Session 0 Character Creation, Rules Clarification & Get to Know Session Come with a free D&D account set up on D&D Beyond and some familiarity with the character creation tool We will co-create our team together during the first session, so please do not create characters beforehand. Thank you!

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