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The small town of Dread Hill was founded by a retired adventurer half a century past. Sir. Gildas Dread was renown for his feats of heroism and vanquishing the vampire lord Radoslava the Cruel. But now his namesake town ...

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How to prepare

Discord and Roll20 accounts are required. Mic required, webcam optional. I you wish to disable video on Roll20; look for the gear icon in the top left, then scroll down to audio/video settings, select I Want to Broadcast: Nothing/Disable.

What I provide

Maps, music, all necessary digital materials, a delightful dnd experience.

What else should you know

Please be on time. log in to all accounts prior to the game to check over any technical difficulties. patience might be required in case of connection issues. Don't forget to have fun!

Gameplay Details

The game will be run on Roll20 virtual tabletop, and discord for audio. accounts in these platforms are required. This will be a fast paced game with a little bit of exploration, traps, investigation and a good amount of combat. We will be sticking by 5e rules, rule of cool will be used at DM's discretion. Safety tools and content warning: We will be playing with X, N, & O cards utilizing Roll20 Macros commands. X-Triggering content that I'm not ok with. N-I feel slightly uncomfortable and feel X-content is coming. O-I feel comfortable with this content, continue. Content Warning; violence/gore/language/body horror.

How Will Character Creation Work

Pre-generated characters will be available. You can import existing characters on roll20 by uploading to the character vault. Have a character on D&DBeyond? check out the Beyond20 browser extension! Need help creating a character? book a character creation slot with me for $5! Check my profile. All characters must be Lv6, no magic items.

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