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To Become Lords aims to highlight all three pillars of play (exploration, social, and combat) as the players set out to explore a mysterious island that appeared on the first day of spring. The players are the second gro...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

You will need to know the basic rules of 5e, have a couple thoughts for what characters you might want to play, and have both a Discord (which we will use for voice) and a Roll20 account.

What I provide

I will have plenty of information and resources prepared each session.

What else should you know

Session Zero will be text based so we have a written record of everything we discuss and can answer questions and get to know each other without confining it to a 4 hour block. I am open to using Discord as an additional means for your characters to roleplay with each other or other NPCs between sessions.

Gameplay Details

There will be additional rules that will make the world feel grittier, and to make resource management a key aspect of surviving the dangers the island has waiting. These rules will include multiple rules from Giffyglyph's Darker Dungeons. We will not be using all of the rules, but the main rules we will use will be to make exploration a dangerous experience that ultimately rewards the players when they can finally overcome the obstacles. Additionally, there will be a couple more houserules that aim to improve quality of life, but I'm open to negotiation on all of these.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will start at 1st or 2nd level (I'm open to discussion). I'm also open to discussion over using experience or milestones. Characters will be made with a 27-point buy. These are the character building restrictions: No races with a permanent fly speed No races native to Ravnica, Theros, and no Warforged No artificers You have to make a character that wants to participate for the most part No evil characters or stealing from the party, etc. No PvP

Players can expect







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