Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Thursday Night Fight Club

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Zoom, Owlbear Rodeo

What are you doing on Thursdays before Critical Role? Come fight monsters! Every Thursday, I set up a map and throw a ton of monsters in. I need you to come slay them! It’s a high-action, low-story chance to roll some ...

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How to prepare

This is a game for people at least familiar with the rules, even if that means your only D&D exposure is watching Critical Role. Please create your 5th level character beforehand with the setup above. Forward an avatar of your character and I’ll generate a token for you beforehand. Please be logged in to a valid Zoom account. Meeting URL and passcode will be provided before the session. Virtual table top (Owlbear.Rodeo) url will be provided before the session.

What I provide

I’ll have digital maps via Owlbear.Rodeo and monster tokens at the ready.

What else should you know

Gameplay is traditionally more McElroy than Mercer–rules lawyers may have a frustrating time. Fun at the table is priority, and basic rules of online etiquette and safety mechanisms are in effect.

Gameplay Details

Players can expect to roll initiative early and fight through a few waves of monsters are we explore a map. Traps and puzzles may break up sessions of combat. It’s an open sandbox of a campaign, where the only goal is to keep exploring and fighting. Play with a consistent character and amass wealth and magic loot or build a new character week to week.

How Will Character Creation Work

Please come with a pregenerated 5th level character. * Any race/class option is acceptable, including Unearthed Arcana. Please forward homebrew options before the game. * Ability stats are standard array or point buy. * Start with two common magic items OR one uncommon magic item. * Start with two standard potions of healing.

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