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This game takes place in the world of Theoudis, a world full of magic and technology. Some of the worlds powers have progressed into a more steampunk level of tech, and all possess powerful magics. The races are varied a...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

All that is required is discord, the players handbook, and your character sheet. Of course if you have dnd beyond that works as well. I have all the books mostly, so I can always do work arounds, but you will need discord.

What I provide

I will have all the books on hand, and of course the map.

What else should you know

I look forward to meeting you all and hearing your stories.

Gameplay Details

I use mainly fifth edition rules, as well as a few homebrew rulings from 3.5 DnD. I use an injury table, and a madness table depending on what happens in game. Or if it's a very specific situation I may just assign you a madness or injury that is more appropriate. Typical sessions will start with a recap from the player who takes the best notes, and will always start and end with player choice. I will always have a session zero where we will work out your characters in the world and plan their appropriate back stories and such. The known world and the actual world are extremely far apart in size, there will be exploring, and quite a few monsters that either need to be put down or reasoned with. Combat while still keeping to the normal rules will be narrated by either myself or the player, much like your roleplay out of combat.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be created in session zero, and I am open to most of the races you just need to pitch me an idea. I'll explain in more detail and respond to questions asked in session zero.

Players can expect







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