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What are the origins of the mysterious warforged? Who is really the winner of the last great war? The dragon knights grow restless. In this campaign we discover our roots, face our fears, and repair the damages of our pa...

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How to prepare

You can prepare as much or as little as you please! I can provide character sheets and online dice rollers if the only thing you wish to do is show up and roll some dice! I can also help with character creations and optimizations if new players need some extra assistance. You will need to download discord in order to gain access to the game server and campaign which will be provided upon session zero and campaign organizations.

What I provide

I can provide screen grabs of big moments, recordings of our sessions (if requested) , battle map encounters, digital character tokens (we can customize these)

What else should you know

nothing of note to add :D

Gameplay Details

This game will feature a lot of role playing and social/political intrigue between the many factions of Eberron's settlements and cities. In this campaign players will be able to drop in and out of the campaign as it progresses. No need to commit to a full campaign if your schedule needs don't fit! Is there a portion of the story you've experienced before and you'd rather not play again? That's okay too we can drop you back in later on when we have advanced the plot! This campaign features a large amount of intrigue and role playing opportunities with less of a focus on combat encounters. That's not to say though that there is a lack of combat as players can always find themselves in deadly trouble if they are not careful!

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