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Eberron is a crazy world of magic steam punk, and noir intrigue. Daily life anywhere on the face of Eberron is very different than any other world in the multiverse. The face of the continent of Khorvaire has been shaped...

Don't see a time that works for you?

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How to prepare

As long as you have a D&D Beyond account you are good. Many base races and all classes fit into Eberron. Just show up on time and be attentive and we all can have fun.

What I provide

The game of course. This is not an in person game, so theater of the mind will happen. Thank you for your time.

What else should you know

Nothing really. I have alot of lore I can give you. I believe that is best saved for the game session than right here.

Gameplay Details

I try to mix things up a bit, usually there is a favor amount of combat, maybe three per session. My dungeons are light and not expansive unless there is need for it. Role play is always encouraged.

How Will Character Creation Work

I would like a session zero for any long term campaign. This would include a player's creating PCs and some lore introduction. I use D&D Beyond for PCs and make campaign links.

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