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The Witcher TTRPG on Fantasy Grounds

Set in the Continent, The Witcher is a dark fantasy setting filled to the brim with horrific monsters and even more horrific people. Magic is rare, safety almost as much so in these war-torn lands; The Nilfgaardian Empir...

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How to prepare

Install Fantasy Grounds DEMO and be aware of messages on this website. It's how I primarily communicate!

What I provide

Voices, Fantasy Grounds, the TRPG itself and a unique experience.

What else should you know

This system takes a few minutes to set up, even from pre-made. Be on time!

Gameplay Details

You will be playing a pre-made character, only by profession. You may decide on gender, race and we will roll the tables to generate your story. If you are a returning player, I am more than happy to help you set up your own character. This is a very roleplay and travel heavy setting, likely to get you caught in between conflicts or ambushed from the roadside by bandits -- Or even worse, stumbling upon a rampaging monster mid-meal. Adventures range from solving mysteries, hunting down a monster, escaping from the dangers or war (or worse) and sometimes a combination of two if not all.

How Will Character Creation Work

You will play a premade character that will be copied and customized for you by race, background and story details. Rolling from tables, you'll randomly generate a character's story and take them from there.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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