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Eberron is a setting that has just found an uneasy peace after a long war was brought to a ceasefire by an unknown catastrophic event destroyed one of the human kingdoms in a mater of minutes. Now the remaining kingdoms ...

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How to prepare

Reading the rules is always helpful and you will need discord and a working mic. You can make your own character and have it reviewed if you want.

What I provide

I will bring what I need to maybe stream my screen to show maps and pictures of what you are facing.

What else should you know

This game is Theater of the mind but I do have a good head for tactics and if you role-play a scene of your characters strategizing and crating team moves we can incorporate them into the game.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

You will make level 5 characters using the 5th edition point-buy system and you can use the races in the players handbook or Eberron Rising from the Last War book. Feats are allowed including the Unearthed Arcane Feat article from 2020.

Players can expect







Experience Level


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