The Vanishing Suns of O'Pyre

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About the adventure

The land known as O'Pyre is one of constant daytime. The people live under 12 suns, and even the underdark has its own sun warming the inner crust. The suns of O'Pyre have started going missing however, and along with them, their gods. The first to vanish was the nature sun, high above the west, signifying pure and true growth, the chaos of the natural order, and the gods of nature collectively. The sky is now a blank spot where once a sun lived. The second, perhaps most troubling, the Forge sun. Sun signifying creation and powers of creation, the sun within the core of the world. Ancient myth and stories from long ago ages speak of a time when the suns were put out and made into floating rocks in the sky waiting for gods to return and light them. Whispers of a cult of stars returning to the land as dark spots in the sky show further points of light said to be the true gods roam the land. A party of emissaries is requested by the king to seek out one of the gods of the stars and find answers, elsewise go and seek out the old stories and learn how to repair what was once whole.

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Additional Details

How to prepare

You'll need a mic and headphones. I prefer to play in tabletop simulator, as it makes gameplay much more interactive and real feeling, though I understand not everyone can run the game on older computers, so Roll20 is there to save the day. You will be fine to use your own dice and sheets if you are more comfortable with things like that, otherwise there will be digital versions provided for those who don't have such props. Knowing the rules is optional, but I insist you let me know if you don't, and we can go over basics before anything gets too involved. This game is primarily for fun storytelling, so the rules are secondary anyway.

What I provide

I'll be bringing a can do attitude, a world for you to save or destroy, and a mind full of magic to throw your way. We'll see what we can do with that.

Gameplay details

The game will be laid back, though the theme seems to be an urgent race against the end of the world. Magic will be powerful and all over, homebrew is wildly embraced, and I'm keen to see the creativity of the players more than any kind of ideal solutions. Death is on the table, optional. it can be fun to know you can't come back without proper preparation, but sometimes folks want to take it easy and wake up failing the battle but having a goal to work toward redemption The system depends on the players and what they want to do. I'm fine with 5e as it is very new player friendly, but I am also fine with helping build new player friendly characters with the most complex rules in pathfinder if they are keen on trying some kind of drop kick only monk build with animal companion. I prefer when a party likes each other, whether they are just meeting for the first time or long time friends, so that will be something worked on in session zero to establish, and I only allow consensual pvp. No need to make someone feel bad because they've got a character built for something other than defending from party members eh? Big on RP, Combat will be present but often avoidable, and puzzles are not something you will find in isolation.

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

I'd like to hold a session before the first one to create characters if anyone isn't clear on how that process is done. We'll start at level 1 and level by milestone so it's easy to keep track of.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: None

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The Vanishing Suns of O'Pyre
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  • Duration: 5 to 6 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: None
  • Glowing demon knight leading an army of undead

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