Dungeons & Dragons 5e | The Tides of Sargaros

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This campaign is designed for a party of 4 adventures starting at 3rd level. The world of Granada is a world filled to the brim with equal parts Arcanum and Artifice. In such a world, the peaceful meritocratic monarchy,...

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How to prepare

No preparation is required before attending Session 0.

What I provide

Everything, including: Custom World and Region Maps Custom Battlemaps Custom Character Tokens on Request Game Music And more

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Gameplay Details

Players can expect to step into the shoes of characters tailored to their individual preferences with the assistance of the DM, and explore a vast campaign world filled history that spans back decades in real-time, lore that developed both through literary and organic means, and engage in combat designed to test and challenge to one's limit. Expect meaningful, consistent and frequent character development both in experiences and abilities, with a solid mix of variety thrown in for good measure.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character Creation will happen in a Session 0 independent of primary game sessions. You may bring your pre-made character at level 3 to the DM, but fret not for if need be, the DM will spend sufficient time with you to guide the process from scratch.

Players can expect







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