Dungeons & Dragons 5e | The Taleweaver Chronicles (Text-Based)

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Introduction From the sprawling cities of Tergor, to the burning factories dotting Qhan, all the way across the Silver Sea to the porous mountains in the Commonwealth of Turak, the Taleweaver journey brings to life 5e i...

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How to prepare

Join Roll20 Read the Tutorial Booklet Discuss with me to better understand the world.

What I provide

I'll bring battle maps, NPC tokens, A Virtual Tabletop

What else should you know

The game is online, on Roll20

Gameplay Details

It gets really boring quick to just fight and long-rest with no true weight or meaningful story to guide the actions of the party. This is why I have added to the game combat a unique fighting and damage system utilising an extra stat called the MDT it is a threshold (40% of your health plus your constitution mod) that determines whether taken damage can cause a permanent injury. This strengthens the need to be creative and careful in approaching encounters and strengthens the need to roleplay. And for those people who do not believe in meaningless slaughter, I reward XP points equivalently for avoiding combat and still achieving your goal.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation is done in-game on roll20 and the stats are generated using a bot. The bot rolls 4 sets of ability scores and the best one is chosen. Backstories must be world-accurate and are done in conjunction with me.

Players can expect







Experience Level

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