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This game is a mix of serious and silly content. Puzzles galore, roleplay and of course a little bit of combat to round everything out. I allow anyone who wishes to play a seat, new or veteran, everyone is welcome. The s...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

I use Beyond20 a chrome extension that transfers rolls from DndBeyond to Roll20. Players will need to install it. They will need a DndBeyond account and a Foundry VTT.

What I provide

Everything else

What else should you know

I have a few house rules that i will go over in session 1. Nothing that changes the game necessarily but things i have found that make the game better if they are said upfront.

Gameplay Details

Typical session will be everyone joining the Foundry VTT link I provide at the beginning of session and DndBeyond then joining discord. After everyone is situated and ready to go then we will jump right into the game. Exploring and role playing will be large portions of the game as well as combat.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be created before the first session. I will run a session 0 to answer any questions and make sure everyone is comfortable and has their character ready. Backstories will be written before session 1 as well.

Players can expect







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Open To All

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