The Black Hack | The Ruined Tower of Gormalong

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This session is an introduction to the Black Hack second edition rules, taking inspiration from a 1977 adventure. If you feel like being a Cleric, a Warrior, a Thief or a Wizard, exploring this haunted structure should b...

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How to prepare

Read the rules if you like, but they're easy to teach in play. The Black Hack is available from DriveThruRPG via

What I provide

An adventure and enthusiasm! I'll also bring knowledge of the rules, and decades of experience.

What else should you know

No. I'm happy to teach/explain.negotiate everything at the table to make a fun, safe, and fair experience for the whole group.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

Characters take about 5mins to create, I am happy to do this together at the start of the session! If you'd prefer to create your character beforehand, and you own a copy of the rules, that's fine, too, just let the group know as soon as you've chosen your class, so that we don't double up on unique roles. Thanks!

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