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The Play's the Thing! A "Firebrand" mini-campaign for Pathfinder 2E (starting at 3rd level)

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The Play's the Thing! A "Firebrand" mini-campaign for Pathfinder 2E (starting at 3rd level)

Pathfinder 2e on Discord, Foundry VTT

Price per player-session
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  • Duration: 3 to 3 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: Beginner
  • Price per player-session

    About the adventure

    Join a band of fledgling Firebrands on an urgent mission to free a prisoner scheduled for execution before the Final Blade claims their life. Player Characters will assume the role of new Firebrands who have just declared their allegiance and earned their first mark. To earn their second mark, however, they have agreed to take on the dangerous mission of infiltrating a stronghold of the Grey Gardeners, Galt's secretive enforcers, to free a prominent Firebrand who has found themselves in trouble. The adventure incorporates material, including player options, from the brand new "Firebrands" sourcebook - an exciting volume filled with the spirit of revolution! This is a mini campaign that should take about eight sessions to complete, starting at 3rd and finishing at 5th level. Expect swashbuckling action, chaotic brawls, and the flames of revolution!

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    Additional Details

    How to prepare

    A microphone will be required to participate. Video is optional, but encouraged. You will need to create (free) accounts with Discord and with Forge, the website hosting our virtual table-top. You can see the hardware recommendations for using the Foundry Virtual Table at:

    What I provide

    Everything needed to play will be provided electronically through Foundry and Discord.

    Gameplay details

    While the adventure takes place in a part of Golarion noted for its oppressive secret police force and the grim public executions that take place regularly, this adventure is intentionally planned to be more lighthearted, emphasizing the spirit of revolution and chaos that the Firebrands embody. I am hoping that the contrast between the stark setting and the irreverence of the Firebrands will enhance the adventure for everyone, without trivialising the high stakes of the players' mission. During our first session together, we will use a tool called Lines & Veils to set our own limits on the kind of content we would like to see in the game. Additionally, we will use session zero to create parts of the campaign and the world together, including NPCs and party resources. A lot of the world has intentionally been left undefined. Language or behaviour that makes other players feel unwelcome or unsafe at the table will not be tolerated.

    Content warnings


    Safety tools used
    • Breaks
    • Lines and Veils
    • Open Door
    • Session 0
    • Stars and Wishes
    • X, N, and O Cards
    How will character creation work

    Play will begin at 3rd level. Please come to session zero with an open mind, and no set decisions made on what you would like to play. We will be creating the characters and the world together, and you will have the opportunity to define your mission/quest as well as your own character. To allow players to make the most of the new "Firebrand" options from the recent sourcebook, we will be using the Free Archetype optional rule. All uncommon character options from the book will be considered common for this adventure. Additionally, the gunslinger class (and firearms) will be considered common. As part of creating your 3rd level characters you will also choose starting equipment appropriate for that level. A short players' guide with more information about the setting will be circulated on Discord.

    Players can expect

    • Combat/Tactics: High
    • Roleplay: Medium
    • Puzzles: Low
    • Experience Level: Beginner

    Player reviews (188)

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