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The Ogre and his Cake is a fantastic, quick adventure to introduce your kids to the fantastic, shared story telling experience that is Dungeons and Dragons. If you're (like me) a parent who's a huge nerd and you want to ...

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How to prepare

I advise that parents have a brief discussion with me first, just so we can go over what you can expect from this game, what the kids will experience while playing, what kind of game you want for them (silly, serious) , etc. I have worked with the charity Mencap, which provides aid and care to disabled children. I am also a teacher - I am fully DBS checked and have extensive training on child safeguarding policy.

What I provide

Pre generated, easy to read character sheets. 10 years of acting training and experience. Encouragement and enthusiasm. Professional experience working with children, including running drama workshops for 20+ 5-12 year olds. High quality maps and music to help immerse the players in the story. Patience and guidance for new/shy players.

What else should you know

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to know anything more about my background or if you have any questions.

Gameplay Details


How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation can be the most fun part of Dungeons and Dragons, but for new players it can also be the most confusing! I have child friendly character sheets with pre generated characters readily available so the kids can start straight away! Each character sheet provides its player with a unique gaming experience and their own 'role' in the party. E.g. The brave Dragonborn Fighter The gentle Dwarf Cleric (healer) The clever Elf Wizard

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