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It was a moment none of you will forget: the moment you all became Avengers. Sure, just moments prior you might have been a warrior defender of the great Kingdom of Wakanda, a displaced citizen of the Realm of Asgard, ...

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How to prepare

There are many places to check out the rules for the Marvel SAGA RPG (not the actual name, but the one most associated with it). I would recommend checking those out. Also, there are major spoilers for the film, Avengers: Endgame and, by extension, all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, thus far. I'd recommend watching Endgame and having some familiarity with the other films.

What I provide

All the set up that will be on Roll20, including the custom-built card deck just for this campaign!

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Gameplay Details

If you haven't played the Marvel SAGA RPG, it exclusively uses cards for its resolution system. The important elements of the cards are the numerical value and the suit; which can dictate bonuses in actions. This makes play have additional stakes as players need to determine what resources they'll use at what time.

How Will Character Creation Work

I'll walk each player through the process of character creation with a preset draw of cards that is the same for all players. Additionally, each archetype (Wakanda Border Tribe, Ravager, Asgardian, Mystic, etc.) will have some bonus associated.

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