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A lighthearted heist where characters play former henchpeople striking out on their own by attempting to pilfer a powerful artifact from under a guild's nose! These former henchpeople like to think of themselves as the B...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Characters should be created before the start of the session, and the GM will be available to answer questions/sign off on characters. Players should make sure to have a discord and roll20 account. The map of the city will be uploaded to roll20, and discord will be used for communication unless roll20 is preferred. The link to the discord will be sent out through the prep materials.

What I provide

I will provide a map of the city, and as many "yes, and" responses as possible.

What else should you know

A gentle reminder that can be played different ways, but is by default a lighthearted romp through a city, dodging guards and attempting to achieve your dreams with whatever power this mystery artifact has. Make sure to contact me with your character concept early so I can make the game more engaging for you and your character.

Gameplay Details

The gameplay is centered more about describing complex plans and actions, and then rolling to determine how well your attempts go. Combat is perfectly acceptable as a plan, but it might draw a lot of attention. Attention might just be something you want to avoid, because as the party draws more and more attention the guards in the city might just start looking for some folks matching your description... The game is very freeform, with a sort of action->reaction flow. Rather than meticulously planned city streets to study, the party will get a loose map of the city and will vaguely plan their route through different districts. How do you get past the gate guards? Do you take the long way around the city, or do you march straight towards your goal and draw attention? Checking for sewers or rooftop access? How do you get out once you have the artifact; do you use its unknown powers and draw a lot of attention, or try to sneak your way out?

How Will Character Creation Work

Please create your characters beforehand and contact the GM to make sure they align with the below: *Characters will be level 3, and can pick from any official source for their class, including Unearthed Arcana. Homebrew, outside of anything the GM directly provides, should not be used because of balancing concerns. *Characters can have any background as long as they include how it related to their job under the middle management of their dungeon. For example, being a dungeon grunt(Soldier) or working in accounting (Merchant). *Characters must be of small size or smaller, of an alignment that would allow them to participate in the heist. (See Below) *To supplement the low number of small races normally available, the following options are available so long as the GM is contacted beforehand to sign off on the character: --->Characters can be any "monster" from an official source that meets the following criteria: Naturally non-lawful good alignment, natural base intelligence of 3 or higher, small or smaller size, CR of no more than 3. (Character creation will still allow you to roll for stats and determine your alignment normally). --->Characters can be considered to be under the permanent effects of a Reduce spell, so long as it would render them small or smaller. This can be used in conjunction with the above. Note on Alignment: In this context Evil should be taken as a self-serving alignment, the opposite of the Good alignment acting for the Greater Good. This is NOT a pass to be rude or antagonistic to other Players, to harass Players, or create inappropriate situations. You can be evil without being "That Guy". Remember that the theme is more a lighthearted, chaotic heist and not a gritty-grimdark noir.

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