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The Lost Mines of Phandelver is the perfect adventure for beginner players. Lost Mine of Phandelver is an introductory adventure written for the D&D 5th Edition Starter Set. It is an adventure designed to take 4-5 charac...

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How to prepare

Players should be familiar with how to create characters and the basic rules of DND 5e. Players will need to be able to access dndbeyond, Roll20, and Discord. You must have access to a mic in order to participate. If you are rolling digitally please check out Beyond20 extension for Chrome and Firefox as it makes digital dice rolling a lot easier.

What I provide

The story, the digital maps, the tokens, pre-gen characters if applicable, and, of course, the monsters.

What else should you know


Gameplay Details

This campaign has a lovely mix of social encounters and traditional "dungeon crawl" combat. Players will need to work together the solve the mysterious disappearance of an important Dwarf and uncover strange secrets about an ancient mine under Phandelver.

How Will Character Creation Work

For a full campaign character creation will happen during the first meeting, this will be our session zero where we discuss your characters and the campaign. This session will be booked at 50% off. For a one shot we will use pre-gen characters.

Players can expect







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