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The Ledge: Mirrors' Romance

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The Ledge: Mirrors' Romance

Dungeons & Dragons 3/3.5e, Pathfinder 1e on Roll20

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  • Duration: 3.5 to 4.5 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: Advanced

Price per player-session

About the adventure

Will you cross the Ledge? Come join us for a night of harrowing truths, solemn vows, and peaceful death. Learn the secrets of the immortals, live the intrigue of the old houses, and revel in the power of the avatars. Perhaps by the end you'll make your own mark on the World of the Ledge. Who Call me Lake. I've been Game Mastering for over 25 years, and professionally on Roll20 for over 5 years. I'm looking for other experienced or patient players that are willing to invest in the kind of game they can't find anywhere else. I do my best to run inclusive, friendly games. What Pathfinder 1e / D&D 3.5. All books, all sources. Will use Tiered Gestalt house rules (see House Rules below). Characters will start at level 1 for the free intro adventure or level 4 for the main campaign and may advance to as high as 14 (Note: players joining campaigns in progress will join at level 7). Mythic, Downtime, Mass Combat, and Kingdom building rules may come into play depending on player decisions. This will be an original setting (see Campaign Setting Intro post below), primarily inspired by classics such as the Arthurian Legends and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. We'll start with about a 50/50 split for combat and roleplaying elements, with a minimal sandbox, then adjust for your preferences. I believe in delivering on story and gameplay equally - one can build optimized characters and still focus on roleplaying. When I've planned a campaign that should run about 2 years or up to 100 sessions (not set in stone, however). That's weekly sessions of up to 4 hours each. Groups 1, 2, and 3 have finished their first three adventures (~25 sessions into the campaign), but I'm looking to fill two slots in Group 2. These groups are the first batch to play through this particular campaign. Group 1 plays Tuesday nights from 7-11pm EST, Group 2 plays Thursday nights from 9:30 - 1:30am EST (open to change here), and Group 3 plays Friday nights 8pm-12am EST. You You're here to have fun. You've been looking for an awesome campaign with a great GM. Apply and let me know some of the following: - Why do you want to join this campaign? - What's your playstyle? - How much experience do you have with Pathfinder or Dungeons and Dragons? - How do you handle conflict at the table? - What's your favorite type of character to play and why? - Are you comfortable with mature / political content (gore, racism, sexuality, social issues, etc.)? - When do you want to play (or which group)? - What combination of video, voice, and text do you prefer? - What's your discord or how can I contact you? (you may PM me instead, if you prefer) I'll try to contact you for a follow-up interview. How Apply by making a post below, character pitch optional. I'll interview you and if you're accepted you're welcome to try an introductory adventure for free (up to 3 sessions, original character optional). You'll need to sign up for the Ledge site (includes the campaign wiki), and I'll also run text-based solo adventures (a few paragraphs/posts a week). Payment will be through (and we can talk about other services). If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to PM me or add them to your post. Welcome across!

Professional Game Master

Lake Watkins


6 Reviews

26 years as a TTRPG player

26 years as a Game Master

0 games hosted

Brings Hundreds of maps, tokens, and other assets for virtual tabletops. to the table

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Additional Details

How to prepare

We use Discord for voice and text chat, and Roll20 for our virtual tabletop. Players will be expected to bring at least a rudimentary character concept and portrait to their first session (or be willing to pick up an NPC for a session), and to have a working mic. I'll also interview potential players before they play, and the first session is free, so we only expect players to really invest their time once they're fully committed to the game.

What I provide

Once you're ready to try out a session, I'll send you a link to our Discord server, Roll20 campaign, and wiki. You don't need to read everything there, but you should familiarize yourself with the basics. If you want to just observe at first, I can supply a generic player token so that you can see the action, even once dynamic lighting is activated. Once you're ready to commit to the campaign, you can send payments through

Gameplay details

I run games for players that want it all. Challenging combat. Engaging roleplay. A world to explore with endless games of intrigue. More specifically, I run D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder with gestalt rules (with a few big house rules). Eventually we'll incorporate mythic, kingdom building, downtime, and mass combat rules as well. That means that these games can get very crunchy, and that they're not for everyone. However, the result is an extremely diverse game that allows for virtually any character concept or fantasy experience players could wish for. Campaign Setting Intro: O so vast, O so mighty, The Great River rolls to sea, Flowers do waves thrash, Heroes do sands smash, When all the dreams drain, Same are loss and gain. Green mountains remain, As sunsets ingrain, Hoary fishers and woodcutters, And some small rafts and calm waters, In autumn moon, in spring winds, By the wine jars, by porcelains, Discuss talk and tale, Only laugh and gale. Ever since antiquity, domains under heaven, after a long period of division, tend to unite; and after a long period of unity, tend to divide. So it was with the Divine Divide that tore the land asunder, and pulled men from the reach of the gods. Today, thousands of years since that Cataclysm, the unity of the Empire is once again in peril. Rebel groups like the Golden Scarves challenge the authority of the Emperor's ruling council. They claim his majesty has fallen under the influence of his Phrenic Advisors, the Trusted Ten. Foreign invaders too have returned, chief among them the Splinter Fist tribe. As war wages across the land, the common people suffer the most. Many have been forced to flee their homes, to take refuge in foreign lands, and to find their own peace. Will you unite the realms of men or sow division and discord? Will you accept the mantle of leadership and guide others to salvation? Or will you doom them all? The Ledge: Mirrors' Romance is a new campaign inspired by several classical stories, including Arthurian Legends and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. As the old empire falls, three kingdoms emerge seeking to reclaim its former glory. Players may decide to support one of these, or perhaps start their own, in their quest to found their own legends and unite the land. This is a player-driven campaign. Rather than a top-down narrative, let's use a bottom-up approach where you tell me what you'd like your story to be and I'll build the world around that. In that spirit, I'd like to get a sense of not just your origins, but your whole character arc. Any other characters or events that might be important to you; what moments you'd most like to experience in the campaign. A complex political narrative will be in play in the background, but it's your choice whether, and to what extent, you engage with it. That said, there will be some structure to the campaign, and your character will need to fit within that structure: * Your character must originate from one of the three kingdoms detailed below (or the wilds within their borders). * Regardless of which kingdom you originate from, I'll need you to create alternate personas as though you were native to the other two kingdoms. You still only build one character, but it should come with three descriptions. * When writing your character pitch, expect names of people, places, and events to change. Be vague with these descriptions. We'll settle on names and other details after all player stories have been incorporated. * The campaign will take place over the span of decades. Age categories and multiple generations will be in play. * Starting level is 4, ending level is 14, with potential for mythic at higher levels. An optional intro adventure for 1st level characters may be included. There will be a substantial time jump between this and the start of the campaign proper. * The campaign features the Arms of Answering and a number of other artifacts. I'd advise players not to overly specialize in any single type of weapon or armor. * All three kingdoms place a high value on honor, noble blood, and chivalry. If you want your character to engage with the political intrigue, they should too (or at least appear to). * You may have a weak connection to the royal bloodline, which is primarily human. For example, you could be a cousin to the heir. These societies are not strictly patriarchal - women and men have equal claim to the throne. The game features three kingdoms that were all once part of the old empire (working names for now): * Western Kingdom: An early medieval kingdom in the European-style, ruled by a benevolent king, his loyal knights, and a magical advisor. Druids, paladins, and similar can be found here. * Eastern Kingdom: An early medieval kingdom in the East-Asian-style, ruled by a young shogun, her loyal daimyo, and her enchanting mother. Samurai, ninja, and similar can be found here. * Northern Kingdom: An early modern kingdom in the Victorian-steampunk-style, ruled by an enigmatic lord regent, his loyal councilors, and the last heir of the empire. Technicians, gunslingers, and similar can be found here. The entire campaign takes place within the boundaries of these three kingdoms, but there is significant wilderness and frontier between them. If you have any questions / comments, please ask here. House Rules: I maintain a separate wiki that details all the House Rules for the game, but I'll give you a few basics here: * Pathfinder 1e ruleset with converted D&D 3.5 content. All books / all sources. So if you're a Pathfinder 1e player, nothing fundamentally changes. I'm open to third party systems such as those from Dreamscarred Press or Spheres of Power / Might. For others, just ask. Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 players can still use old classes, races, and other options, but they'll need to be converted to the Pathfinder 1e ruleset. * We use a modified form of the gestalt rules (originally in Unearthed Arcana), with a few key changes. Players only have a limited number of Character Points each level to purchase their classes with, and the price of these classes are determined by their tier. So tier 1 classes are the most expensive, while tier 6 classes are dirt cheap. You can take as many classes at a given level as you can afford, allowing you to take three tier 3 classes all the way to level 20, or to play a tier 1 class with only the first 8 levels or so gestalted. We call this Tiered Gestalt, and my players love it so I keep running with it. * Mythic, Downtime, Mass Combat, and Kingdom building rules may come into play. This is by player request, though I'm less familiar with these. I'll do my best to incorporate them where they fit. There are three special mythic roles: Immortal, Legend, and Avatar. Each has unique advantages / disadvantages. * 20 ability point buy * We'll use a form of Automatic Bonus Progression with less weapon/armor restrictions and the possibility to gain full wealth-by-level if you're affiliated with one of the major factions. * Characters have both a Public and Private alignment. These represent your reputation/actions and your beliefs respectively. Either can be used to qualify for alignment-based abilities or options. * Max HP per level * Fractional Base Bonuses * Background Skills * When characters would increase their ability scores every 4 levels, they instead increase two different scores by 1 at those levels. * Milestone Progression * Spells and other daily abilities will now recharge either via a long rest or after at least one session has been completed (whichever is longer). This is to discourage 5 minute adventuring days, and to encourage more tactical/strategic play. * We'll use a variation of Hero Points that we call Fate Points. These unify the hero point / action point / mythic surge mechanics. * A number of smaller House Rules related to gameplay. Once you join the campaign, I'll link you to the wiki for the full list. I'm always open to expanding the House Rules by player request. So let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see or if you have any questions.

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

Full character creation rules will be described in the wiki, but we expect players to pitch a concept and begin with a rudimentary build that they can further refine over their first adventure of play. It's common for character builds in this game to take weeks or months, so I'll do my best to help new players along and the other players are very helpful as well.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: High
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Medium
  • Experience Level: Advanced

Player reviews (6)

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