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This will be an introductory adventure for a game system unknown by most. Be ready to delve into the Caves of Evil to recover lost treasure, and maybe escape with your lives! This system was originally Made in Italy by ...

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How to prepare

You need at the very least a Discord Account, as that is what we'll be using to talk. Also hardware that can let you talk to us, so a smartphone or a PC with a mic. I'd also strongly advise having Wi-Fi connection or an unlimited data plan, as these games can potentially consume quite the bandwith. With this, you're set to play, everything else helps but it's not strictly required Ideally you'd want: >A Discord Account >A Roll20 Account >A PC (or Mac, or Laptop) that can run both >Headphones >A Webcam (absolutely not required to use it if you don't feel like showing your face) >A Microphone (many headphones and webcams come with one) >Stable Internet Connection with unlimited data (WiFi or some nice mobile plan)

What I provide

I'll give everyone a pre-made character sheet, as well as pictures of the Griffin Barony map. I have also made a battlemap for the Caves of Evil that we'll use on roll20

What else should you know

Since we're playing online and through mics, please make sure you're not in a noisy place when we start

Gameplay Details

The gameplay in this game is more tactical than your usual RPG. This is because health and supplies are very limited, and the enemies hit hard. The adventurers aren't heroes, they're just average people in dangerous situations. This means every adventure requires good preparation, and every fight can be lethal. Don't get too attached to your characters.

How Will Character Creation Work

For this one-shot, I have pre-made character sheets

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