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Welcome to Narenfel, a homebrew world that has been serving up adventure and surprises for over three decades. If you're looking for a fresh alternative from Forgotten Realms or Eberron, then look no further. You'll find...

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How to prepare

Familiarity with the D&D 5e rules is a plus, but if you're a new player, welcome to Narenfel! This is a fun first time experience. The DM will send out a short PDF that outlines the core/unique/important aspects of the Narefel world -- give it a read, and if it strikes your interest or you have questions, let the DM know. Otherwise. on with the show!

What I provide

I'll provide the Zoom link, D20 link, maps, pdfs, etc.

What else should you know

Life is virtual right now, so make sure your audio and video works well with Zoom.

Gameplay Details

Everyone loves a good hook, a good story, and the wonder of the unknown. My campaigns have always been story driven, filled with details and surprises. It's by laying down an underpinning story and supplying players with relevant (and interesting) details that they can be immersed and forget that they are players. That opens the door to more open flexibility, and I enjoy rolling with the punches as a DM. For the most optimal experience, players should expect to interact with each other in order to understand the unfolding world around them, as well as succeed in combat. Players are encouraged to think outside the box and be creative, both in and out of combat. Bottom line: relax, have fun. Combat should get the blood pumping in a good way and the story should be unique and interesting enough that you'd what to share it with your friends.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be second level. The DM will have some pre-made characters that you can pick up if you prefer, or you can create your own. Just let the DM know ahead of the game your preference so he can get you set up.

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