Dungeons & Dragons 5e | The Lady of the Bog- A D&D one shot in the Forgotten Realms

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Zoom

Caravans of Grains and fruit often take the small trail from Goldenfields to Waterdeep. "A day faster if you can stomach the Danger and the stench of the Stumps" A Halfing caravaner came into an argument with her guards...

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How to prepare

beneficial if you understand the basics of 5th edition D&D but if not I have everything necessary for you. You will require discord, Zoom, and a free d&D beyond account.

What I provide

All the things

What else should you know

Everyone is welcome although if children are under the age of 12 some of the concepts may be considered a bit dark.

Gameplay Details

I can assist with characters and give access to D&D beyond for eveyone in the session, it will require a zoom account and an invitation to discord. Mechanically we can run as fast or as slow as the group is comfortable with. I love teaching new people and try to allow players to do what they can imagine. if it succeeds or not is always up to the dice.

How Will Character Creation Work

dndn beyond or premade at request

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