Dungeons & Dragons 5e | The Guildmaster's Guide to Ravinca: The Mafia Revised!

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Released to coincide with the Magic set Guilds of Ravnica, it's the perfect mix of the story from Magic: the Gathering, wrapped around the rules, monsters, and fifth edition fantasy Dungeons & Dragons. Under mysterious c...

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How to prepare

Before the game, let me know when you're available to talk the rundown of the world, since it is homebrew. Things will be different to a degree, but basic knowledge of dungeons and dragons. I encourage you to have your own set of dice - we love using our math rocks, too! Make sure you have a Discord account, a DnDBeyond account, and a Roll20 account!

What I provide

I'll have my dice, my monster manuals - yes, multiple manuals - and all the maps in the world!

What else should you know

The tokens used on Roll20 can be customized to your character for an additional payment of $25 (for an entire torso photo of your character AND a token for the tabletop). Otherwise, we'll be using something similar to what you envision for your character!

Gameplay Details

The game would be Milestone based. Monsters in this game have been altered from the usual Dungeons and Dragons 5e system, to make some of the encounters a-lot more fun to be in. There's tons of exploring to do, and there are tons of encounters to take part in, and there are many adventures to go on as a party. Bending the rules is allowed - to a safe degree! It's fun to change things up from time to time.

How Will Character Creation Work

Starting out, characters will be at level 3. DnD Beyond is the best place to create character sheets so that I can access them, and we can have a quick chat to figure out what you want to play in the world!

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