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You have wounded the Green Knight. To prove your honor, he has challenged you to meet him in one year's time in the Green Chapel. If you are indeed honorable, then follow your path to destiny. You and up to five friends...

Don't see a time that works for you?

Additional Details

How to prepare

All you will need is a d20 and to decide how your character wounded the Green Knight one year ago. Please have Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts ready on your device for this session.

What I provide

I will provide the adventure and guidance through character creation.

What else should you know

This adventure is based on A24's The Green Knight. With that considered, there may be spoilers for the actual film.

Gameplay Details

This game will involve a skill checks as its main mechanic. There is a great deal of exploring and environment interaction, but all you will need is the character sheet sent to you and a d20. Your actions throughout the game will determine how much dishonor you are weighed down by. If you are suddenly burdened with 20 points of dishonor, you are removed from the encounter.

How Will Character Creation Work

Character creation will occur as a part of this adventure and involves a unique character sheet to be sent to the players at the beginning of the session.

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