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Two centuries ago the great dwarf smith Durgeddin the black and his clan were driven from their home by a horde of fierce orcs and trolls. They plundered the dwarves ancestral halls and slew all they could catch.Fleeing ...

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How to prepare

Please have a discord account and a Mic , if you need to prep before hand please do and as this is a level 3 game add 200 gold to your starting amount. create characters ahead of time again and have fun.

What I provide

as this is online i will just be bringing my voice.

What else should you know


Gameplay Details

This Session will take some planning however there are a decent amount of fights involved unless players can circumvent them which is possible. plenty of exploring to be done and the slaying of various monsters that should keep you guessing.

How Will Character Creation Work

This Adventure is recommended for level 3 , I encourage you to make your characters before game and use the standard array set . Unearthed Arcana is viable if there is a class you wish to test .

Players can expect







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