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This game is made for those who are inventive and imaginative, role play is gonna be a large part of the game, fights will be sporadic but legendary. Magic items are common, but truly powerful items will require a massi...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Being to the table a level one character of your choice, it must have a small backstory with at least an important family member, a hated enemy and your character's end goal (Being rich, owning land, being noble, etc)

What I provide

Art for the important moments of the campaign will be created afterwards. Handouts are given every other session Maps will be given only when your characters come across them in the game world.

What else should you know

Please make sure your schedule is clear and make sure not to have overly loud background noise coming from your mic and a stable internet connection.

Gameplay Details

You are on the hunt, following a massive creature that mere days before was a newborn human baby, now it's lumbering about in the nearby forests. Scouts will be sent out to see the combat capabilities, strategies will be discussed and then put to practice. Noble houses will be taking charge and infighting will surely be a thing, chose one and fight for their glory or make a house of your own and gain a title by taking care of the greatest threats walking these lands. Walk through the densely populated cities along the emerald rivers, visit noble households and meet their greatest warriors, or steal them blind. Seek council with the seers in the Den of Depravity or buy information from the Amethyst order. Once all is said and done, the fighting begins, massive enemies are engaged with armies and powerful allies. Prove yourself worthy and be called upon to fight by the Noble houses, prices in gold and magic items are given to the slayers of such beasts as the Nimbean Titan (Campaign Image). Win or Lose, the Battle rages on . Death is close every time you step into the battlefield, can you survive?

How Will Character Creation Work

The Campaign is build for characters from 1st to 9th level The characters must be created before the first session.

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