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The adventurers have left the tavern for the night to go to a masquerade ball at the Lord's Manor. Your group has been left behind. You are the various animal companions of the adventurers and it's fallen to you to save...

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How to prepare

Players will need Discord installed on their device

What I provide

Characters will be randomly made at the begining of the game based on dice rolls

What else should you know

This is a fun, light hearted game, with very little combat. The focus will be on the roleplay and the antics that your animal characters will get into.

Gameplay Details

Game play will consist of rolling one of two skills, Animal or Magic. Anytime you want to do something that makes sense for an animal to do (Bark, sniff, climb, fly, ect) you will roll your animal skill. If you are trying to do something that a normal animal probably wouldn't (tie a knot, open a window, check for traps, ect) you will roll your magic skill! All animals also have a special ability that they can do better than any other animal, which will make it easier for you to succeed on those rolls. At the beginning of the game you will have 3 points in both Animal and Magic, but depending on what animal you are, and which party member you belong to, those numbers will change! If you are the Ranger's dog, then you will have more Animal and less magic than the Warlock's snake; and likewise the snake will have less animal and more magic than you. As you play the game and attempt to complete actions, you will roll a D6 (or two if it's your animals special ability) and if you roll below the number of points you have in that stat, then you succeed, but, f you roll above that number you fail!

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