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Eastvar part of Varia, a swords and sorcery world ravaged by a distant calamity known as the Night of Retribution where the world's creator god was attacked by treacherous mortals. In retaliation God swarmed the lands wi...

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How to prepare

The players only need to show up and know the homebrew rules of the game, which are located in our personal discord. Tabletop Simulator is our method of play, which Brothers Ben will purchase for the player or discount the price of from the first session.

What I provide

Brothers Ben will provide any handouts, maps, outlines, prompts or other material required for play (physical or otherwise). Maps and Lore can be found at our World Anvil, access to which will be grated to players interested, free of charge.

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How Will Character Creation Work

Characters are premade by the predetermined players. Standard 5e Point Buy rules apply.

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