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The Doom of Northwood is a Gothic Horror Inspired Mini-Campaign that should span about 3-5 sessions, though depending on the group this could end up being longer. The Doom of Northwood is set in Rioja, a region in my hom...

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How to prepare

You should read through the rules section on my discord ahead of gametime, and take some time to consider what sort of character you want to play, and what uncommon or rare magic item you want to go with that character. You'll also need to install fantasy grounds classic if you dont already have it (dont worry, as a player you only need the free Demo version to play). Fantasy Grounds Demo Download Link: You'll also need to download discord and join my discord server:

What I provide

I'll be bringing a massive library of Digital 5th edition books/resources for fantasy grounds, maps, pregen character sheets (if needed), NPCs and terrible voice acting.

What else should you know

I don't tolerate certain kinds of players at my table, and will not hesitate to kick someone if after several warnings they continue with wangrod behaviour that ruins the game for other players. "But its what my character would do !!" is never an excuse to be a dick to other players at the table, after all you chose to play the character that way.

Gameplay Details

Gameplay in this session will consist of medium-high difficulty combat and an equal measure of roleplay. Players are expected to be respectful of their fellow PCs, and some light joking over the course of the adventure is absolutely encouraged. After all, the point of DnD is for everyone to have fun.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will be level 6 and can be of any official race or class combination, UA classes are allowed but cannot be multiclassed. Characters will also have their choice of 1 official uncommon or rare magic item that their character starts off with (chosen item needs DM approval) in addition to 1 potion of greater healing. Characters MUST be created on Fantasy grounds to be easily used in the session. I'm willing to walk anyone unfamiliar with the programme through the process over voice chat, and will put my server up 2 hours before gametime for people to create their characters if they're unable to do that themselves before hand. All Feats from official sources are allowed except for elven accuracy. Fully Made Pregenerated Characters are also Available. Characters should be made using the following stat array: "16, 15, 13, 10, 8, 6"

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