Dungeons & Dragons 5e | The Campaign In the Ice- Rime of the Frostmaiden

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Feeling a chill in the air? Watching with growing terror as the shadows lengthen and the days grow shorter? Fearful that the sun may never return and plunge the land into a twilight of icy darkness with monstrous creatur...

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How to prepare

Please create your characters ahead of time. I can help answer any questions about them at the start of your first game. I use Fantasy Grounds, so players are welcome to download the free version of that if they want to use it. That is entirely optional though. I can still run a session on Fantasy Grounds without any players logging in. For audio I use Discord, so you will need an account on there. Joining via computer camera is optional.

What I provide

All illustrations/NPCs/monsters/visuals will be displayed via Fantasy Ground or Discord. Theme music is also included. Refreshments can be served (by you).

What else should you know

Be ready for anything!

Gameplay Details

Gameplay will go however the players want. There's plenty of opportunity for combat, exploration, puzzles and roleplay, so the narrative will be paced and engaging.

How Will Character Creation Work

Players will start at Level 1. You can create them however you would like, however, during the first game you join you will be assigned one or two secrets for your character. These hidden truths tie your character closer to the background of Icewind Dale and can had a humorous (or chilling) texture to their history.

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