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The Market of Glenn county is in full swing on a crisp midweek morning. Smoke still heavy in the air, a cloud of hovering flies over the steaming manure stalls. A vendor yells how his cattle produce the ...

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How to prepare

A set of rules and a map of the crypt will be provided. If you do not have a character created I have basic character sheets done. They are all first level all stats are done. Alignment has been picked as also equipment. You may roll to improve two of your stats once, if your roll is lower than the stat sheet don,t worry you,ll keep the better stat. I will need to know the gender you choose and name for your character. These must be submitted two days before play.

What I provide

I have dice character sheets and all reference books needed. The crypt map and any available common knowledge will be provided after character sheets are approved. Once your character is approved if you don,t have a character picture one will be provided in the package sent.

What else should you know

Since this is virtual you need to be able have a camera that can stream with everyone else, if not there are several platforms you can ask to participate on.

Gameplay Details

The first 20 minutes of game play will be a question and answer session, bringing all player up-to date. A leader at this time will be chosen all melee play will start with that character. The lead will choose to go left or right. the only time this will not happen is when the characters are spaced or separated then the character placement will depend on who the first player is in the melee. If thew group is separated the group with the least characters must wait to play until the main group has finished the first round of melee play, unless the second groups actions take place at the same time and can effect the other groups reaction to melee play. All players are required to clearly state actions as to where they stand physically in the game at all times. This will allow for smooth play and a reference for the other players to react to any melee situation. Once melee play has started you must remain in place until your turn in melee.

How Will Character Creation Work

Pre made character will be excepted up to level 4. These must be based on 1st addition D&D players handbook, all magical items and relics your character has obtained in other campaigns may be used with prior approval. That includes armor, clothing, weapons, talismans spell books and spell scrolls. characters must be finalized before game play. The first 20 minutes will help finalize any questions pertaining to maps character sheets and character requests. You will be required to act with in your character class and alignment. If you attempt to play outside of your characters ability you will roll for it.

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