The Call of Gavin the Druid

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About the adventure

The Market of Glenn county is in full swing on a crisp midweek morning. Smoke still heavy in the air, a cloud of hovering flies over the steaming manure stalls. A vendor yells how his cattle produce the most pure manure in all the land. Grain merchants wrinkle their noses in disgust they must share space with these stinking merchants. yet without the manure the grain merchants would not produce the grain to market. There lands so striped by hundreds of years of plowing the fields and producing grain, stripping all of the ground of minerals and precious nutrients needed to produce their harvest. Knowing without one or the other , neither would survive. A back country town in the rolling hills, between kingdoms. The air is heavy with barley wheat and other grains, some sneeze others hold wraps about their faces. Full of fresh smelling herbs , yet always tainted with manure. Stalls line the market cotton clothing for the coming summer, fertility charms, herbs, flowers, eggs and ground grain. Children beg their mother, with feverish want fora sweet cinnamon and honey pastrie or fresh berries and cold cream with the last of the winters snow. Then one by one each mother would look at the baker with a scowl, as the they spent half a kronog to bye a treat. For each little grubby hand reaching up with giggles and warm faces. The whole morning was quickly shattered as a Cleric with a strong voice for such a frail body started yelling from some bricks. Set aside in the market for an eventual podium the bricks become an impromptu stage. Yelling with powerful energy, " Al-must answer the call of Mercury God of Messages to Man!' Waxing poetically title after title. He continues in pontificating, about his Holy God Mercury, praise rolls of his tongue. A moment he held attention. Quickly fading, he speaks of his god in elegant terms of devotion. Little did the Cleric understand. Since generations of people settled this land with stone and sharpened bone, this was a market of Balder the god of harvest and hunting. Knowing no allegiance to a young god of Greece and Rome. Balder an ancient god of the north was worshiped here. And no other god could draw their attention away from Balder. A funnel of wind grabbed the Cleric. The Cleric screamed and begged his God to help him. The Cleric mutters in horror as his mouth opens and Balder Voice utters , " Free People of Glenn. Come Hear this fool utter what I will speak threw his fool mouth." With a hollow booming voice a voice strong yet strained by reaching the plain of mortal man the priest of Mercury stares in utter disbelief as his mouth gushes out words not his own. " I ask all who hear the bag of flesh to come forward a Druids Tomb is soon to be desecrated by the most be-nine evil. A necromancer of forbidden worship has risen in the salt mines." The body squirmed as it spoke. Bulging eyes and flailing tongue the mouth open so far . The agony of its twisted gape. A whole in the clerics face spewed forthe more words," Gavin my Cleric fights this evil, so must the ones who hear my call." Not all can hear the call, If you can read this on this arcane glowing metallic device do you hear my call? Come gather young and old. Hear the call of Balder the God of those who toil to bring me the golden harvest to make mead for Valhalla." My cattle must have salt to live to produce our grain." On the voice droned, spittle running down the weeping Clerics contorted mouth still gaping , an impossible whole, yet a voice still came forth,"This is threatened by the undead tainting the salt mines beneath the Crypt of Ardel such a holy place must not be marred by evil." The god continued to speak for some length threw the crumbled form of the cleric. As the last glimmer of life life left the Cleric," I balder offer gold silver and jeweled armor to all who answer the call." Come forward answer the call of The Druid Gavin. Vivid story telling, original art, character development a fun yet captivating adventure for all ages.

Professional Game Master

Brent Blyseth

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Additional Details

How to prepare

A set of rules and a map of the crypt will be provided. If you do not have a character created I have basic character sheets done. They are all first level all stats are done. Alignment has been picked as also equipment. You may roll to improve two of your stats once, if your roll is lower than the stat sheet don,t worry you,ll keep the better stat. I will need to know the gender you choose and name for your character. These must be submitted two days before play.

What I provide

I have dice character sheets and all reference books needed. The crypt map and any available common knowledge will be provided after character sheets are approved. Once your character is approved if you don,t have a character picture one will be provided in the package sent.

Gameplay details

The first 20 minutes of game play will be a question and answer session, bringing all player up-to date. A leader at this time will be chosen all melee play will start with that character. The lead will choose to go left or right. the only time this will not happen is when the characters are spaced or separated then the character placement will depend on who the first player is in the melee. If thew group is separated the group with the least characters must wait to play until the main group has finished the first round of melee play, unless the second groups actions take place at the same time and can effect the other groups reaction to melee play. All players are required to clearly state actions as to where they stand physically in the game at all times. This will allow for smooth play and a reference for the other players to react to any melee situation. Once melee play has started you must remain in place until your turn in melee.

Content warnings


Safety tools used


How will character creation work

Pre made character will be excepted up to level 4. These must be based on 1st addition D&D players handbook, all magical items and relics your character has obtained in other campaigns may be used with prior approval. That includes armor, clothing, weapons, talismans spell books and spell scrolls. characters must be finalized before game play. The first 20 minutes will help finalize any questions pertaining to maps character sheets and character requests. You will be required to act with in your character class and alignment. If you attempt to play outside of your characters ability you will roll for it.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Low
  • Roleplay: High
  • Puzzles: Low
  • Experience Level: Open to all

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The Call of Gavin the Druid
Price per player-session
You will be charged when a session starts


  • Duration: 3 to 5 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: Open to all
  • Glowing demon knight leading an army of undead

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