The Blood Crown

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This is a gritty sword-and-sorcery setting, with a serious slant toward as much "realism" as one might find in a fantasy world. Think more Dark Ages then high medieval, sort of Westeros meets the Hyborian Age of Conan. H...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Players will be sent a free digital copy of the Savage Kingdoms III core rulebook, after they have signed-up and paid, which they can freely peruse to learn a bit about the game system and the highly detailed setting.

What I provide

As mentioned above, I will email a free copy of the SK III core rulebook as well as any necessary "lore" and other background information needed to start the campaign.

What else should you know

Be prepared to have a good time, but know that I do tend to run fairly serious and gritty game-sessions using lots of my experience as a professional stage and film actor (i.e. character voices, attention to pacing, motivation, resonance, connections, relationships, hard-hitting action, softer moments, storytelling techniques, etc.).

Gameplay Details

Savage Kingdoms plays fast and immersive with but the roll of a single d20 for action resolution. It's an "exploding die" system, so if you roll a natural 20, you roll again and add that result to the previous total. A result of 20 or more over the DL (Difficulty Level) scores a critical success on whatever task you were attempting. Critical failures are also necessary, but they are relatively rare, perhaps as they should be. SK is a non-class system, although there are Callings, which yield some class-like flavor to players preferring such. Race and culture determine more about your character and his/her background than in most tabletop RPGs, and talents, weaknesses, and skills help to round-out a character's abilities. Magic, often referred to as sorcery, is fairly rare and ritualized spells are the norm, although "battle magic" (casting in combat) certainly exists too particularly among player-characters. In combat scenes, a single roll of a d20 determines both "hit" and "damage", with possibilities for special maneuvers given critical successes and special battle talents.

How Will Character Creation Work

Pre-generated characters will be used for the first session, so we can kick off the adventure with a bang, with the opportunity for players to advance those characters, given survival and enough earned XP, or possibly to even create their own between sessions if so desired.

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