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For those tired of the mobs and min maxers trying to make the perfect standalone build. Use what you have. Build trust with your friends. Learn skills in the wild or from a guild. Survive and live in a full sandbox t...

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How to prepare

Probably just have character sheets and dice. Prefer to not use dice apps as they can be unreliable. Expect honesty and integrity. A game with natural 20s on every roll is not very fun. I can assist in regards to level ups and rules though.

What I provide

I will have my own dice and notes and nods built. I dont have a map or anything to give to the players except a fun experience.

What else should you know

Keep player and character knowledge separate. If you have a low intelligence, roleplay it. No infighting. No stealing from other characters. Trying to let all players have fun.

Gameplay Details

I have basic story plot in place but will never force it to happen. There is also action and reaction. If you choose not to look for a cure for a disease then it might run rampant. If you leave a cursed item, it could be picked up by an npc and come back later. Lots of exploring and choices.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will start at level 1. Would like to discuss and build backstories and characters during first session and determine where the players will begin in the world and how they got there. Starting at level 1 really adds to the immersion as they have to feel what kind of subclass to take when they level up as they progress in the world.

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