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Tales of Sangsyr: Raising of the Star Child (A D&D 5e Campaign)

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Tales of Sangsyr: Raising of the Star Child (A D&D 5e Campaign)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Roll20, Discord

Price per player-session
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  • Duration: 3.5 to 4.5 hours
  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players
  • Experience required: None
  • Price per player-session

    About the adventure

    First session free! For the first time since the giants ruled the earth, a star has been loosed from the firmament. Like the stars that fell before, it has taken the shape of a child, the first new Avyres since the old giants were slain. Now the descendants of the giants will seek it for revenge, and the Avyres as one of their kin, but before any of them seize it, the child is yours. This smiling child, found in the woodlands by your home village, will one day be as mighty as the Avyres who shaped the world, but before its voice shapes the world, your voice will shape it. You could raise it to be a great ally in times of war, or a champion of peace, or just another child amongst the others. You can sell it off to the giants or the Avyres, or hold it till it is grown. * New players to the game will join the quest already in progress. The Player Characters are currently level 6, and have stolen the star child away to the great forest called the Beoholt. There the Beomoder, a self-made queen amongst bears, is trying to contend with a raging wildfire and encroaching lumberers alike. The party you'll be joining: Aden, a sorcerous hearthling who was called from dragon fire by songs meant to sooth children in the wake of their homes' destruction. To this day he seeks the dragon Liegscur who caused the devastation, and his own creation. Devotees of the dragon are making war in the Beoholt, and Aden is struggling to keep the two sides mollified and passive. But, can Liegscur's hungry ever be satisfied without bloodshed? Gina Towle, a myr who made a pact with an alliance with a shard of a giantess's knife. Wracked by insecurities that she could never live up to the human that she is a perfected copy of, Gina forged the strange metal shard into a blade she calls Bella. Together they try to prove themselves as individuals, though Bella longs to rejoin with the other shards and make Glyss's knife whole again. Gina is quick to laugh and make friends, but she is even quicker to find a challenge and try to prove herself in combat. Bella, broken from its own in a moment of greatest viciousness, wants to maim, disfigure, and spread suffering... but she also wants to rejoin with her other shards. The blade may yet be learning other desires from Gina, for better or worse. Latolda Kai Camillason Hugoson, a traveling bard who was raised amongst the nepes but now believes himself to be a changeling. A late comer who wants to do whatever he can to ensure the child as happy and safe a home as he was granted by his adoptive parents, Kai struggles with the mystery of why he was abandoned by his fairy parents, if he has any, and what they did with the other child.

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    Additional Details

    How to prepare

    Players will need a mic, Discord, and a roll20 account. Most of the game will be through Discord, but maps, including tactical combat maps, will be handled in Roll20.

    What I provide

    I will set up a Discord with the setting information, dice parser, and other relevant pieces, as well as the Roll20 account. A recording of each session will be made available to players.

    Gameplay details

    The game will focus on the decisions characters make, the lie and well being of themselves and their home village, and the consequences of those choices. Combat will be relatively frequent, but not overwhelming, and its frequency greatly affected by player character choices. True puzzles are light, but hard decisions with both tactical and moral components abound. Special attention will be paid to the emotional position of characters, and how they relate to those around them. Content Warning: Violence and War, Grey Morality, Depictions of Bigotry, Children in Peril An in depth discussion of game themes and tone, what people are and aren't comfortable with, and an establishing of any veils and lines will be drawn at session 0. Other game aspects will be honed at the same point. We will also be using the X-Card.

    Content warnings


    Safety tools used
    • X, N, and O Cards
    How will character creation work

    I will meet new players privately before session to work out new characters, their details, and how to fit them into the game. PCs are presently level 6, and advance by the Milestone system. I'll also try to aclimitze you to the world of Sangsyr. Players are free to come with ideas pre-made, but should be aware that the races and practices of Sangsyr are not always standard to D&D. Each Player character also begins with a special magical item, unique to them, and reflective of their personal story. These items grow and change based on the actions PCs take on their stories, and give tricks, advantages, and flexibility to your abilities. They also, however, come with curses and drawbacks all their own... your story is not always an easy one.

    Players can expect

    • Combat/Tactics: Medium
    • Roleplay: High
    • Puzzles: Low
    • Experience Level: None

    Player reviews (46)

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