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Tales of the Yawning Portal collects legendary Dungeons & Dragons modules allowing new players and seasoned adventurers to venture into these quests as one-shots or an ongoing campaign. This game is designed for all ages...

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How to prepare

Players should be familiar with the rules of Dungeons & Dragons but I will be able to guide newer adventurers. No additional software other than the streaming service of your choice is needed.

What I provide

I will guide players through the adventure, supply information for unique and magical items, and provide images for maps and visual elements.

What else should you know

This game ranges in recommended levels and can be played as a one-shot, an ongoing campaign, or as your choice of drop in.

Gameplay Details

This game will be a combination of exploration and combat with a decent amount of roleplaying. The adventure will begin at Lv 1 and proceed to Lv 10+ but you're welcome to begin at a level of your choosing.

How Will Character Creation Work

Players are encouraged to create a character using the 5th edition Player's Handbook. Additional options from the expanded rulebooks are welcomed with advanced notice to the DM. Unearthed Arcana is not permitted for these games.

Players can expect







Experience Level

Open To All

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