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Lose yourself in a vast, new, exciting fantasy world from the mind of Anthony Ward. Dodge dragonfire in the plains of Sedrana, engage in political warfare in the Western Empires, sail the open seas of Towenarr, and cower...

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Additional Details

How to prepare

You should come equipped with a mic, a positive attitude, and a desire to create a story with me. Foundry VTT only requires that you have a somewhat capable PC and works on Mac, Linux, and Chromebook. Mobile operating systems are not supported.

What I provide

I will bring the story, the music, the maps. No need for extra accounts for Foundry, you will get a URL, a character sheet and a simple passcode provided by me to access it.

What else should you know

I do have a very slight lisp. Enough to be noticeable but not enough to cause confusion I assure you. I am actively taking voice lessons to correct it, but it's been an ongoing process. I will also be recording the games for upload on YouTube in the form of highlights. No ones real names will be shared in these, I will refer to you by your online handles and character names only.

Gameplay Details

When you play games with me, you can expect a player-driven story that incorporates the backstory you provide in meaningful ways. I will not take any cheap shots, like senselessly killing a player character's family pet off-screen for shock value, although the game will have stakes. These are usually bigger than the characters and their backstory itself, however the escalation of threat will be believable. You will not fight a god at level 1, and I take great care in the balance of the encounter and adventuring day. A standard campaign with me will include all spheres of play. You will explore the wilderness and travel roads with encounters that can be resolved in many ways although characters will need to be prepared to defend their lives. You can immerse yourselves in towns, taking part in all kinds of downtime activities such as tavern-hopping, crafting, owning a business and attending to personal matters. Mostly, you will be chasing leads for mysteries and witnessing events that are built to engage your player in the world around them. I try not to include real world politics in my game, however the peoples of the world are as varied as our own. You will encounter characters who are straight, gay, and have gender identities. Humans of all social classes will be represented in many races, with no characterization. These characters will not react strongly to assumptions, instead offering gentle correction if warranted. I will not stand for any sexism, racism, or harassments of any caliber in my game. While dwarves may have a general dislike of elves, and elves have a torrid history with orcs and goblins, these tensions are meant to be a foil to tensions in our own world. We will be using Luxton Techniques and the "Lines" tool to player comfort. Player input is valuable to me. If you're not having fun or if you are offended by something I included, please indicate it by telling me that I am crossing a line. I am willing to listen and adjust. I will retcon events that cause people to relive their trauma, no questions asked. If a player has a major phobia that will cause extreme discomfort if presented (spiders, claustrophobia, ect) I will not include it, no questions asked.

How Will Character Creation Work

Games will start at level 1-3 depending on the campaign. We will create the characters in a Session 0 which will include a short scenario which may/may not be canon to the campaign. I prefer published content but will review Unearthed Arcana and 3rd party content. I do have changes to certain classes in the formed of buffed, peer reviewed class and subclass overhauls.

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