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Far to the East in the human kingdom of Gaus, on the edge of the dense Geisterwald forest, lies the hamlet of Undewald. The elder races of elves and dwarves vanished from the land more than three centuries back, leaving ...

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How to prepare

For gameplay, I will be using 4 websites/programs. [list] [*] Dndbeyond - My collection includes all major published works which will be made available via content sharing on the campaign page. I'll also share special homebrew backgrounds that can be chosen to enmesh yourself in the setting, and homebrew items that can be acquired in game. Create a free account in order to access my shared content. [*] Discord - We'll use this for voice and dice rolls with the help of free browser extension called "Beyond20" which allows for virtual dice rolls off your dndbeyond sheet to be forwarded straight to discord chat. My discord has guides for helping to set everything up. Install Discord and create a free account. If you're using firefox or chrome, I encourage you to also install Beyond20 for character sheet and dice integration. [*] - This is a low-weight virtual tabletop currently in beta that I'm helping to test, and by participating in my game, you'll get an invitation to make a free player account and try it out. It's quick, efficient, and entirely browser based. After joining the game, I'll send you an invitation to make a free player account. [*] HeroForge - As part of the game, I invite you to create a mock-up of your character on and share them with me. I'll create a token of them for use on the VTT, yours to keep when we're done. [/list]

What I provide

Dndbeyond content. Discord Server. Virtual tabletop with custom maps and tokens.

What else should you know

I aim to create an inclusive environment. While my games often touch on elements and themes of horror, that is no excuse to make players personally uncomfortable at the table. If I, or another player, makes you uncomfortable, please message me privately and I'll adjust the scene or stop it outright. If you need to step away, I will understand completely.

Gameplay Details

"The Shadow Over Undewald" is a mystery adventure rife with dark magic and horror. Players will find themselves thrust into the midst of a cursed village. Dangerous creatures lurk in the woods, but the people in town might be just as dangerous. Combat will be almost unavoidable at times, but players are encouraged to come up with creative solutions to their problems, and clever use of investigation and preparation will allow them to sidestep certain encounters.

How Will Character Creation Work

For character creation, we'll make use dndbeyond. I possess all major publications there and will make content available via content sharing. While details will be repeated and elaborated on in the campaign page, the basics are as follows. [list] [*] Characters are level 2 [*] In line with the setting, human (and variant human) is the only allowed player race. [*] Magical classes are not forbidden (they're encouraged!), but the people of the land are a superstitious lot, and even the most benign spellcraft might earn their suspicion or dread. [*] There are a number of house rules in use that relate to rests, leveling, and exploration, as well as some others. One of the most immediately gameplay altering is the gritty realism rule from the dungeon master's guide. It extends the time required for rests, slowing the pace of the game down to better reflect the traveling story I'm intending. [/list]

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