Dungeons & Dragons 5e | Taking Back Murka! A 5ed D&D Module or campaign based in the World of Murka

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This game will be a deep dive into the realm of Murka, a satirical 5ed realm that takes pop-cultural and political figures and brings them to life for you to play. This system relies heavily on puns, very bad jokes and ...

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How to prepare

If you have a decent grasp of 5e you will be fine. You will need to roll up a character of course and we can decide if the group wants a higher or lower level experience. Otherwise everyone will need either Skype or Discord.

What I provide

I will bring the joy energy and enthusiasm. I also have all the maps needed for the session.

What else should you know

Please be ready to engage and have a lovely time.

Gameplay Details

These sessions will centre mostly on RP and combat, not a lot of puzzles, but depending on what the group is about we can make changes.

How Will Character Creation Work

We can start with lvl 3 PC's that I am happy to put together as part of a complementary session 0.

Players can expect







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