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"Pilots! Enlist today! The Draconis Volunteer Group needs you to help defend the system's independence from the Dominion of Unity. Fly tested and reliable Blackfish fighters against the oppression of the Dominion!" If yo...

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How to prepare

Technical things a player will need would be a webcam and microphone & a (free) Roll20 account. Reading Fate isn't *required*, but I will point out that the rules are Pay What You Want on

What I provide

On the Technical side of things, I'll be bringing Zoom for robust video and sound, and Roll20 with Tachyon Squadron assets ready to go. I have a soundboard set up for sound effects, so there are bells and also whistles.

What else should you know

To emphasize again, I want this to be a safe table where everyone is welcome. By everyone, I mean everyone: POC, non-binary, trans, gay, indigenous, and/or neuro-atypical, etc. If that doesn't sit right with you, if dungeons having ramps is a problem, or if games with politics in them are problems, then please take the opportunity to skip this game. To everyone else, welcome! I hope we all have fun.

Gameplay Details

Tachyon Squadron is military sci-fi, and cinematic action, so there will be some space violence and blasters and things. However, I strive to run a safe table, so we will abide by lines and veils (available in game for everyone to reference) for everyone's comfort, as well as using Script Change/X card for any surprises we may encounter. **This table is safe for everyone. No racism, sexism, ableism, or any bullying of any kind. Full stop.**

How Will Character Creation Work

We will get together for a Session Zero to talk about themes, safety & safety tools, get a feel for the world, and build characters together. I enjoy a process of collaboration with the players at my table, and Fate as a system encourages it!

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