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You have found your way to the Yawning Portal, a tavern in Waterdeep that caters to adventuring types. It has been said that if you can pass the trial there, the owner can find other work for you to do. He has connection...

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How to prepare

Prior to the game, each player needs to already be signed up with D&D Beyond and have a character ready (or I can assign a character to you). Once all of the characters are in place, we will jump into the story.

What I provide

You will want a great attitude, a sharp wit, a pencil with a good eraser and the ability to print your character sheet. We can use the dice roller built-in at D&D Beyond. That's it!!

What else should you know

I prefer online sessions because I have everything set up here in my home studio to do so. HOWEVER, if you prefer I come to your location, that is perfectly acceptable. We can discuss that, and make further arrangements, costs, etc.

Gameplay Details

The first part of Session 1 will be all about learning the basics of the game and building characters using D&D Beyond. (It's really simple!) From there, we will jump right into the adventure. The primary purpose of this campaign is to learn the basics, learn that making mistakes is okay and part of life, deepen family bonds and to have fun in cooperation with others.

How Will Character Creation Work

We will start at level 1. You can build out your character on D&D Beyond before the game, or I can hand over one of the pre-generated characters I have built.

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