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Stranger Things - A D&D Campaign by Mike Wheeler

13 Reviews

Stranger Things - A D&D Campaign by Mike Wheeler

Dungeons & Dragons 5e on Discord, Roll20

Price per player-session
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  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours

  • Number of players: 2 to 6 players

  • Experience required: None

Price per player-session

About the adventure

Join us as we travel through the D&D setting created by Mike Wheeler for his friends, Dustin, Lucas and Will as they journey into the upside down. You have been summoned by your old friend, Sir Tristan, the ruler of Hawkinsvale. Hawkinsvale is a small domain in a lonely stretch of mountains, many days' journey to their nearest neighbor. A terrible monster has been attacking the village, and he needs your help to put down the beast.

Professional Game Master



13 Reviews

Published Writer

39 years as a TTRPG player

39 years as a Game Master

69 games hosted

Brings rules, music, stories, and a super friendly and enthusiastic attitude toward playing the game to the table

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Additional Details

How to prepare

Players will need a microphone, free Roll20 account and a free Discord account. We will use Roll20 to manage the dice rolling and game mechanics and Discord for the voice chat.

What I provide

I'll bring tons of energy and excitement for the game, an engaging story line, and all of the tools we need to be successful.

Content warnings


Safety tools used
  • Lines and Veils
  • X, N, and O Cards
How will character creation work

We are playing the module contained in the Stranger Things Starter Set. In keeping with this theme, players have two options for their characters. Option One: Select one of the pre-generated 3rd level characters. This is the best option for players who are new to the game. The pre-generated characters are a dwarven bard, elvish cleric, human paladin, half-orc ranger and half-elf wizard. Option Two: Create your own third level character using the standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) for character attributes (Str, Int, Wis, Dex, Con, Cha). We will only use content (races/classes/spells/feats) from the Player’s Handbook, Xanther’s Guide and Tasha’s Cauldron. Characters will have max hit points for level one, plus average hit points for level 2 & 3. No multi-class characters are permitted in this game. All character sheets will be tracked in the Roll20 game server. Once you join the game, I'll send you connection information to both Roll20 and Discord so that you can get started with your character right away.

Players can expect

  • Combat/Tactics: Medium
  • Roleplay: Medium
  • Puzzles: Medium
  • Experience Level: None

Player reviews (13)

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