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Travel to wild destinations within the pact worlds. Forgotten tombs of the ancients with relics and powers so strange that the Starfinder Society wants to collect all of the information they can. Grab your guns, magic or...

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How to prepare

Just show up. We'll build a character in the first session, then jump into playing as we can.

What I provide

Dice, rule books, knowledge, maps, history, lore.... everything except the beverages.

What else should you know

Message me if you are interested in this campaign, and we'll get it set up. Looking forward to playing!

Gameplay Details

Roleplay in this world is big, so I'm looking for those that don't mind adopting a character voice and exploring your wild side. Knowing the rules is optional (we'll learn them as we go), and together we'll create a story so big that the universe will have a difficult time holding it all.

How Will Character Creation Work

Session 0 -- the first session -- will be all about character creation and character concepts.

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