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This game is a full length campaign set 200 years before the Prequels. It is designed to take characters from zero to hero while battling against a Sith Lord, uncovering their plans and motives along the way. You'll trav...

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How to prepare

You are welcome to be fresh and unaware of the system, especially since it is an older system. (But trust me, it still checks out.) All I ask is you remain familiar with what your own character can do after creation since it helps keep the game flowing nicely.

What I provide

I would love to do line art of the post game party.

What else should you know

The game is virtual only.

Gameplay Details

This game is a full campaign intended to see characters grow from Level 1 all the way to max level. Gameplay often involves exploration and investigation. I prefer to keep objectives very player focused, such as where they wish to fly in the galaxy or where they may want to go to investigate. Puzzles do appear as well, but aren't as frequent. Roleplay is highly encouraged in and out of combat, and you can expect the same from my NPCs.

How Will Character Creation Work

Characters will start at Level 1. The characters will be created in game, since I use my own rules to benefit the players. I will of course lend my assistance to building characters if you are new to the system.

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